What can I buy using the Everyday Shopping Card?

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The Sainsbury’s Everyday Shopping Card can be used to purchase most products in store. As part of the terms and conditions the following products cannot be purchased using the Everyday shopping card:


  • Petrol, Diesel, LPG Auto gas or Products in petrol stations.
  • Branded Gift Cards,
  • Scratch Cards,
  • Pay Point Products and Services,
  • Prescription Products, Infant Formula,
  • Tobacco and related products,
  • BT Phone Cards,
  • E TOP-UP Savings Stamps,
  • Postage Stamps,
  • National Lottery Products,
  • Car Park Tickets,
  • Online Delivery Charges,
  • Concession Coffee Shops,
  • Restaurants or vending machine purchases.


If your shop includes items which are not permitted you can pay for these with a alternative method i.e. cash, debit/credit card.

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